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Aluminum Alloy Container Trailer

The aluminum alloy container trailer is constructed from high grade aluminum alloy because of its high strength to weight ratio. The lightweight container means that fuel consumption and tire wear are minimized during transportation. The trailer was designed for the hauling of light but bulky goods.

Overall dimension 13000×2500×3500mm
Wheel base 6600+1360+1360
Landing Gear 25ton,Two-speed, manual operating, heavy duty landing gear
Traction Pin 2/3.5 inch
Suspension Mechanical normal suspension /Air bag suspension
Main Beams Aluminum Beam height: 500mm
Upper plate:18mm
Down plate:18mm
Middle plate:12mm
Axle 3 axles, FUWA 13 Ton
Pneumatic Braking System 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber; 45L air tanks.
Wheel rim 90*22.5 12pcs
Tire 425/65R22.5 18PR, 12R22.5 tire, Triangle Brand
Box details Plate from:4mm; Side wall:3mm
Plate form thickness 3mm checkered plate
Spare tire carrier 2pcs
Side marker lamp LED lamp
Electrical system Chinese stand 24v
ABS System Fitted with 4s/2m Type

Sanxing has been manufacturing heavy duty vehicles and special vehicles since 1994. Besides the aluminum alloy container trailer, we offer a wide range of aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer, stainless steel tank trailer, flatbed trailer, bulk cement tank trailer, cargo semi-trailer and so on. From the raw material selection to manufacturing process, we have rich experience and offer high quality container semi-trailers and other special transport vehicles with custom solutions.

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