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Shandong Sanxing Machinery Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1994 as a state approved enterprise with a specialization in the production and modification of heavy duty vehicles and their auxiliary equipment. Our product line includes flat truck skeletons, dump trucks, tank trucks, trailers, tow trucks, liquid asphalt granular material tanks, bulk cement trucks, concrete mixer trucks, truck axles, and other special vehicles and accessories. We ship up to 10,000 units each year. We have integrated each enterprise segment to create a seamless flow of information and manufacturing processes. Research and development, product design, production, and sales are all carried out with excellent transparency and efficiency. Our different business segments include our primary production company, an automobile trading company, an auto parts production company, and more.

Our massive production center covers more than 350,000 square meters with over 600 workshop employees and 50 technical personnel. The internationalized production workshop is outfitted with intelligent manufacturing equipment that can satisfy all of the production requirements of our various product lines. Sanxing utilizes laser cutting machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC lathes, automatic welding machines, shearing machines, and bending machines.

Meanwhile, our subsidiary, Shandong Yuhang Special Alloy Equipment Co. specializes in the production of aluminum profiles. This provides us with a steady supply of the aluminum components we need for our various products and we can demand and receive consistency in regards to quality. Yuhang pioneered China's first large-scale aluminum alloy robotic welding production lines. This resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and quality output. Our aluminum specialized vehicle is one of the most competitive products in its class and it features an aluminum skeletal trailer, aluminum alloy tank dumper, and aluminum alloy dump truck. It is 3-4 tons lighter compared to traditional carbon steel trailers. This makes the truck more environmentally friendly and greatly reduces production and transportation costs. This makes it one of the best choices for high efficiency, green logistics operations.

One of the most significant advantages of Sanxing, is the company's geographic positioning. We are located 45 kilometers way from Jinan International Airport and near China's famous tonnage port, Qingdao Port. These locations facilitate our logistical operations in a way that adds incalculable value. Our products are now exported to dozens of countries and regions around the world, including Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia. Sanxing is ISO, CCC, WMI, and OHSAS certified along with other relevant certifications. We have become known for quality products and impeccable service, which have helped us to earn the unanimous praise from our global customers.


Shandong Sanxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Add.: Han Industrial Park, Zouping City, Shandong province
Contact: Joey Zhang
Fax: +86-543-4866760