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Liquid Tank Trailer

The liquid tank trailer is designed for the safe transportation of liquids such as cooking oils, crude oil, gasoline, and diesel oil. The tanks are lightweight and strong, allowing for the bearing capacity requirements with the leak prevention functions necessary to move liquid shipments without worry.

    1. Aluminium Alloy Crude Oil Tank Trailer
    2. Aluminium Alloy Crude Oil Tank TrailerCompared to ordinary crude oil tank trailers, aluminum alloy crude oil tank trailers produced by Sanxing offer the same hauling capacity with 4-6 tons of reduced weight. The tank is constructed from high quality aluminum alloy.
    1. Aluminium Alloy Fuel Tank Trailer
    2. Aluminium Alloy Fuel Tank TrailerThe tank shell is constructed from aluminum which offers safety protection form static buildup which can cause dangerous explosions. The tank is lightweight, energy efficient, and can carry heavy loads.
    1. Aluminum Alloy Cooking Oil Tank Trailer
    2. Aluminum Alloy Cooking Oil Tank TrailerThe anti-static nature of aluminum alloy prevents sparks, which can create hazardous incidents in some cases. The tanker is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and can haul large loads.
    1. Aluminum Alloy Chemical Tank Trailer
    2. Aluminum Alloy Chemical Tank TrailerWe chose to manufacture these chemical tank trailers from aluminum due to the lightweight nature of the material. Aluminum trailers with the same volume as ordinary tankers are 4 to 6 tons lighter.
    1. Stainless Steel Liquid Tank Trailer
    2. Stainless Steel Liquid Tank TrailerThe stainless steel liquid tank trailer is an improvement over traditional liquid tanker trailers as the stainless steel construction is 4 to 6 tons lighter. The tank is overall lighter, can carry heavy loads, and provides energy savings out on the road.
    1. Carbon Steel Liquid Tank Trailer
    2. Carbon Steel Liquid Tank TrailerThe carbon steel tank is lightweight and provides significant energy savings when hauling heavy loads. The tank is suitable for the transportation of oils, crude oil, gasoline, diesel, acid bases, asphalt, and other liquid contents.

Sanxing has been manufacturing heavy duty vehicles and special vehicles since 1994. Besides the liquid tank trailer, we offer a wide range of aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer, bulk cement tank trailer, cargo semi-trailer and so on. From the raw material selection to manufacturing process, we have rich experience and offer high quality liquid tank semi-trailers and other special transport vehicles with custom solutions.

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