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Skeletal Trailer

Sanxing is a trusted manufacturer of a variety of trailer and transportation equipment, including skeletal trailers. We use high strength steel or aluminum alloy as the raw material, which gives our skeletal trailers a lighter weight than traditional skeletal trailers, without sacrificing the trailer strength.

    1. Tri Axle Steel Skeletal Trailer
    2. Tri Axle Steel Skeletal TrailerThe tri axle steel skeletal trailer is designed to be light weight, due to the high strength steel used to manufacture the entire trailer. Not only is the trailer light weight, but it is stronger when compared to a traditional transportation trailer, weighing in at only 1 or 2 tons based on customer requirements.
    1. Tri Axle Aluminium Alloy Skeletal Trailer
    2. Tri Axle Aluminium Alloy Skeletal TrailerThis tri-axle skeletal trailer is made of aluminum alloy, giving it a lighter weight and higher strength when compared to a traditional transportation trailer made of other materials. The aluminum alloy trailer weighs as little as 2 to 3 tons.

Sanxing has been manufacturing heavy duty vehicles and special vehicles since 1994. Besides the skeletal trailer, we offer a wide range of aluminium alloy fuel tank trailer, stainless steel tank trailer, flatbed trailer, bulk cement tank trailer, cargo semi-trailer and so on. From the raw material selection to manufacturing process, we have rich experience and offer high quality skeletal semi-trailers and other special transport vehicles with custom solutions.

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